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4.7/5 (777 Reviews)


I needed blinds FAST!

Jane B from Edmonton, AB Aug 10, 2021

“I had to buy blinds for my dining room and didn’t have time for tirelessly searching through the same choices over and over. HeyBlinds helped me to quickly zero in on what I wanted and made ordering a breeze! Thank you HeyBlinds.”
Tailored to perfection!

Roger S. from Attawapiskat, ON Aug 10, 2021

“Their blinds are a perfect fit, and the company provides many easy to install instructions. The measurements make all of the difference in this situation because they can be tailored to your home's windows very precisely.”
I love ordering from HeyBlinds.

Gael L. from Montreal, QC Aug 10, 2021

“Their customer service is wonderful and every blind I have received has been perfect! They are a great fit for my window as well, so there's no need to worry about them not fitting properly. The quality of their product is unmatched by other companies that sell the same type of products either online or in-store, which makes it easy for me to recommend this company because they do such an excellent job with everything from shipping out new orders quickly (and making sure you get your order exactly how you want it), protecting each item during shipment (which means zero damage upon delivery) and providing top notch customer care via chat if any questions come up while placing the original order or after receiving said items themselves. Thanks”
My order came in much faster than expected

Aimee M. from DDO, QC Aug 10, 2021

“The blinds we ordered were exactly as described, and the installation was easy enough that one person could do it on their own in about an hour or less. We love how they look but also appreciate that the price is not excessive either.”
Very easy to deal with

Jackson D. from Quinte West, ON Aug 10, 2021

“Hey Blinds has delivered five blinds for us already. We love the quality of their products, it's very easy to deal with them, and customer service is great as well!”
Best choice ever!

Tommy C. from Ste. Anne, MB Aug 09, 2021

“Follow their instructions to measure your windows and install them yourself. Their blinds are better than wasting money in other places, trust me!”
Excellent support from customer service!

Shyla D. from Penticton, BC Aug 09, 2021

“Heyblinds recently sent us two orders. Unfortunately, the first package was damaged and there were grease stains on some of the items in it. Joy from customer support immediately responded to our email about this issue and told us they would send another order without question which arrived soon after intact with no damages or problems whatsoever; we appreciate how professional she handled everything for us as customers!”
They were prompt and extremely helpful

Andrew N. from East York, ON Aug 09, 2021

“One of our blinds had a manufacturing issue, but customer service was there to help with immediate replacement. They were prompt and extremely helpful in getting the problem resolved quickly!”
Incomplete parts and delivery was too long.

Blaire S from Delisle, SK Aug 09, 2021

“When I received my blinds, it was missing some parts. However, when I reached out to the customer service representative Ray, he informed me that a replacement would be sent immediately and they were shipped in just two days! Unfortunately though, the part arrived incorrect but after reaching back out to Ray again everything got resolved within about four weeks overall which is pretty impressive for their level of customer satisfaction. The whole ordeal wasn't ideal at all so far as delays go but you can definitely see how this company values its customers by going above-and-beyond with replacements such as these.”
Bedroom looks gorgeous and I love it!

Juliard from SASKATOON, SK Aug 09, 2021

“The blinds we bought for our bedroom made it look stunning. We love the new addition!”
Affordable but looked like luxury!

Roxanne S from Saint Albert, AB Aug 08, 2021

“I am now a loyal customer of Hey Blinds. I had no idea that they would be so easy to install and even easier on the wallet! Plus, their products look amazing in my home. The blinds were surprisingly affordable but looked like luxury items when installed - it's hard not to say "Hey" out loud every time you see them up close!”
Quick delivery

Freya S. from Truro, NS Aug 08, 2021

“I had ordered from Hey Blinds because of their good reviews online. The measuring instructions were clear and the chat function made it easy to ask questions when I needed help. When they said three weeks, I was actually surprised at how quickly my custom blinds arrived! They even sent me an email reminder once they shipped out my package”
I ordered from hey blinds and had a great experience.

Hanzo M from Stettler, AB Aug 08, 2021

“The instructions for measuring were clear, I received my order earlier than expected, the quality of fabric was nice; really easy to install! Highly recommend ordering from them again in the future. I love their live chat function because it's super convenient and they always respond fast. It shows that they really care about making the customer happy!”
I love my bedroom even more now!

Ria M. from Nanaimo, BC Aug 08, 2021

“The blinds we bought were very perfect for our bedroom. I love it! My only issue is that, since they are an inside mount and let light in through the cracks on the sides of each window frame, not as much darkness was achieved with these ones. But overall it's a nice blind that gets the job done and isn't difficult to install at all.”
I was pleased with my purchase!

Claude J. from St. George, NB Aug 07, 2021

“I only made one mistake: instead of ordering the light filtering shades, I should have ordered darkening ones. The blinds are a bit lighter than what's in other rooms but they fit perfectly and were very easy to install. If any of our old window coverings need replacing from now on, we'll definitely get them here too because it went so well last time”
Awesome buy!

Hansel D. R. from Barrowtown, BC Aug 07, 2021

“The blind was a bit flimsy compared to what I thought it would be. It took no time at all to install which made me incredibly happy because the room needed some light-blocking ASAP! All in all, this is an awesome buy for its price and definitely worth buying again if ever need more window coverings.”